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Red’s Best Seafood

Red’s Best, founded in 2006 by Jared Auerbach, is a Boston based seafood wholesaler that aggregates from small, community-based fishing boats. Their mission is to support the livelihoods of American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest. Jared and his team currently partner with over 1,000 New England boats annually. By partnering with Red’s Best, we support an historic industry and reduce undue burden on our natural resources caused by importing fish. Red's Best fish supports fishermen whose livelihood depends on the catch.

“I’ve been working with Jared and Red’s Best for several years now and I have to say that consistently, the fish I get from Red’s is among the best fish I can get anywhere. Red’s Best epitomizes our own philosophy well: eat well, do good.” - Chef Ben

Red's Best

Marwin Farms - Chicken & Duck

MarWin Farm is the result of the continuous quest of Kenny Dahill to produce the finest, most healthy, farm fresh poultry available anywhere on the planet.  Always non-GMO, Better than Organic (BTO) and Omega 3 fortified.  Marwin Farms raises Chickens, Ducks and Berkshire pigs and on occasion Rabbit and other meats as well as growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms. 

Kenny feeds the animals a special blend of feed made exclusively for him by Hiland Naturals. Hiland is part of the NON GMO verification project and test their ingredients for not only the presence of GMO ingredients but also the top 100 most common residual synthetic herbicides and pesticides. We think it is the best feed in the world and “Better than Organic”because of the testing program that is completely lacking in the USDA Organic program.

“One of the reasons I love working with Kenny and MarwinFarms is because he is totally passionate about food. There is nothing better as a chef than when you can talk to your chicken farmer about the different feeds he is using and breeds available. Kenny shares our passion for food and commitment to the ethics of food production.” - Chef Ben

Marwin Farms

Farmer’s Cow - Milk, Dairy & Eggs

The Farmer’s Cow is a group of six Connecticut family dairy farms working for the future of their  families and dairy businesses. Together, they produce milk, half and half, cream and eggs as well as coffee, cider, summer beverages, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream. 

People visiting the farms would often ask, “Where can we buy your milk?” That’s when they realized that people were looking for local, naturally-produced products, instead of milk and other products from unknown origins. So they formed their own company and The Farmer’s Cow was born. 

The six CT farms that make up the Farmer’s Cow are Cushman Farm, Fairvue Farms, Fort Hill Farms, Graywall Farms, Hytone Farm and Mapleleaf Farm.

“Their milk is fresh, the egg yolks bright and beautiful --and all of their products are humanely produced and free of artificial growth hormones. And just as importantly, we are supporting local farms and farmers in CT.” - Chef Ben

The Farmers Cow

Colgan Farms - Produce

Colgan Farms, right here in Manchester, cultivates specialty heirloom produce using sustainable farming practices -- no chemicals, no GMOs, only fresh, healthy vegetables for the local community. The farm grows mixed vegetables with a focus on heirloom varieties, using sustainable growing practices. They also offer a CSA program that you should check out. What better way to support young farmers than by eating locally!

“I first got to know Mitchel [Colgan] when he started donating fresh picked vegetables to the MACC Community Kitchen. What was really cool was that he was always asking about how we were using the vegetables that he was donating. He really cared and got excited at the offering we were able to create. Getting to know Mitch, I appreciate is passion food, farming and community.” - Chef Ben 

Colgan Farms

Connecticut Farm Fresh Express - Produce & More

CTFFE delivers locally grown, mostly organic, fresh vegetables, low spray to no spray fruit, allkinds of goat or bovine dairy products - from raw milk o traditionally made pasteurized milksand yogurts - from over 60 different CT farms and artisn producers. Delivering to both home consumers and chefs/restaurants, Deb Marsden and her team literally bring the farmer’s market to kitchens and homes all over the state. 

“I first started using CTFFE when I was executive chef at Blue Plate Kitchen in West Hartford --such an amazing concept. I was able to source from dozens of farms and have product delivered right to me direct from the farm. Making fresh local produce available to home cooks and professional chefs alike, Deb and her team are really awesome to work with.”- Chef Ben

Connecticut Farm Fresh Express

Hartford Baking Co. - Breads

Local. Handmade. Baked Fresh Daily. 

Back in 2010, HBC started with one baker, four baristas, and a mission –to give their hometowa great bakery, and make the greatest products they possibly could. They wanted to attach Hartford’s name to something superlative and create something the community would be proud of. A few years later, with a good dose of hard work and a little luck, they’ve grown to over 30 employees and deliver to restaurants and grocery stores in all corners of the state.  

Their philosophy is simple: HBC uses the finest flours, quality butter, and European chocolates they can get our hands on.  

In an industry obsessed with convenience and speed, theyhave decided to go the other direction. Unbleached flours and preservative-free ingredients are essential to their values and they pride ourselves on doing things the hard way – valuing taste, texture, and process above all else. 

“I first tasted HBC’s products when we started using them at a previous restaurant. Scott and his team were great to work with and the breads were consistently great. When we started conceptualizing Bistro On Main, we knew that great breads were critical --especially baguettes. It was a no brainer to use HBC.” - Chef Ben

Hartford Baking

Oui Charcuterie

Oui Charcuterie Salami begins with heritage hogs, raised humanely, outdoors on a healthy diet including barley, forest mast (acorns, hickory, walnuts, apples, etc.), grass, plants, veggies, fruits and grain. Given plenty of space and extra time to develop their red, marbled meat with an incredible depth of flavor and taste, they then use traditional family recipes, salt, time and perfect seasonings--no nitrates, no celery powder--to dry cure the finest Connecticut-made Salami from their family farm to our tables. 

“I first got to know Matthew on Facebook through mutual friends, and then discovered that he is the mastermind behind this great locally-crafted cured meats. The first time I tasted them, I knew we wanted them on our menu.” - Chef Ben

Oui Charcuterie

Mystic Cheese Co.

The Mystic Cheese Company is a one-of-a-kind collective comprising highly trained and skilled cheese professionals who blend science, art and craftsmanship. They transform a singular milking of warm, farm fresh Connecticut milk into their American original “Literary Dairy” series of cheeses using their proprietary , portable, farmstead cheese making system they call cheese pod.

“Our salesperson at The Farmer’Cow made the introduction to Brian at Mystic Cheese, thinking that it would be a perfect fit with our restaurant. He was right! Ou food and concept is inspired by French bistros and cheese plays a lead part in French cuisine. So we needed a great locally produced cheese that captured the essence of French cheeses, while still remaining distinctly American.” - Chef Ben

Mystic Cheese

Some of our additional local food partners include: Brioni Coffee, Hartford Flavor Company, Westford Hill Distillers, Onyx Moonshine, Old Thyme CT Sodas, Hosmer Mountain Soda Company