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Bistro on Main is now officially closed

Five years ago, MACC launched its first Social Enterprise, Bistro on Main.

The objective of the business was to train people within the food industry to get them back to work. We are blessed to say we met our objective; as many of our students are gainfully employed and well providing for themselves. With that said, it has been a challenging venture, especially with the economic challenges covid presented to the business community.


Although we are selling the business, MACC will continue the mission of its social enterprise through MACC Charities Community Kitchen, under the direction of our Head Chef, Ferdinand Cruz. You can also look forward to MACC Kitchen’s #Pop-Up dining experiences to both celebrate and enjoy our future student’s culinary creations.

We are confident that a new venture awaits 867 Main Street, as it is housed in a popular block for business on Main Street, has a great landlord and is at the starting line for the Manchester Road Race.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a restaurant space, please contact us at 860-647-0440.