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What MACC is All About

You might enjoy our food, but we’d love to give you a little history about who we are, and why we do what we do. Bistro on Main is owned and operated by the MACC Charities. The MACC charities provide emergency assistance for basic needs not yet met by other organizations, empowers individuals with the necessary skills to break cycles of poverty, enriches the lives of our volunteers, and offers information and referrals to resources and services available in the community. 

Bistro on Main also works directly with the MACCchefs program, which helps those of lower income, those that are homeless, or those that at-risk of homelessness move forward with a career in the hospitality industry. We primarily employ staff who have graduated from this intensive 18-week program and offer continued training and transitional employment for these folks.

By dining with us, you support our community and help to break cycles of poverty. In addition to employing graduates of the MACCchefs program, all profits from Bistro on Main go return back to the MACC Charities. These proceeds are used to support the basic cause of MACC: mobilize our community to break cycles of poverty.

With this little background, we hope to have given you a broader understanding of our restaurant and it’s core values. You can feel good about our food, too. We apply the same philosophy in hiring our staff to choosing our food suppliers. We source our meats, cheeses, and produce from local and sustainable sources. Of note is Red’s Best, a supplier of our fresh fish. Red’s Best is a Boston-based seafood wholesaler that aggregates from small, community-based fishing boats. Red’s Best maintains our philosophy that community matters, and they ensure that local fishermen still have a fighting chance to make a profit in the world of larger fishing boats. Next time you stop in, feel free to chat with us about any of our practices and learn about how you can get more involved in supporting your community, and supporting Bistro on Main. 

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